Breed: Labrador Retriever Spitz

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: L
Tanner is a handsome boy who has just come back into rescue after 4 years in his adopted home. Tanner was returned through absolutely no fault of his own - he came back as the result of a divorice. Tanner is a wonderful boy with a nice go-with-the-flow personality. He is generally a laid back dog, who is content to hang out and just be part of the group. Tanner is all about people, and he is much more interested in getting a scratch behind the ears than he is in playing with a toy or another dog. He is fine with other dogs, but won't tolerate being pushed around. Tanner is interested in cats, but he has shown no bad intentions towards them. Tanner could really take or leave other animals - but he loves, loves, loves people! This fellow is a big fan of children and is trustworthy with kids of all ages. He is well housebroken and is good both in a crate and loose in the house. Tanner has excellent manners, and while he does know a number of commands - getting his attention is something difficult. Tanner does well off leash and doesn't go too far when he is out for a run, but be warned this fellow is very social. If he is off leash and has the opportunity to visit people in the neighborhood, walking down the street or at the neighboring campsites - he'll be gone to visit in a heartbeat! Tanner is a very polite fellow, with a nice moderate energy level. He would like a home where he can be included in this and just be part of the family. He was returned with Stewie whom he has lived with for the past 4 years, and gets along very well with him. Tanner is much more people oriented than dog oriented and would really do well in any kind of home! (Indoor Home Only!)
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